About Us


No one ever wishes to face hurdles, but life does bring hurdles. Life is like a riddle that constantly unfolds in layers of happenings. The more we take steps into the adventure of life, the more it gets us to the doors that unlock our doted desires and hopes, through pains or pleasure. At DOT AV COMICS, life is a bundle of joy and laughter, sometimes pains, which teaches great lessons. We are a team of creative experts filled with liquor of passion to feed your minds with message, happiness and pleasure. We use radiant comics as a medium to inform and entertain you. Relax and stay cool and enjoy the gleeful ride with our comics.

Our Vision

We are determined to advance humanity, elevate friendships, promote learning and preserve our culture.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire people and create awareness on various issues affecting our society.

Our Mandate

We are a team of writers, artists, cartoonists and illustrators, designers, programmers and creative developers…


We invite you to kindly join this cause by sponsoring this project. We also look forward to individuals and organizations for support and partnership. We embrace sustainable collaborations that can leverage this project.

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