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The Search is a daily voyage for survival. An African riverine setting. It portrays the quest for basic needs of those that live on water in the midst of frail safety. Life stands on a delicate balance. This is a daily reality they are used to because it is their usual and familiar terrain.


The Daily Sail is an everyday search for food and water seen among Lagos residents whose houses are built on water.

Fruits: This is a natural composition of fruits rendered in a unique brilliance. Fruits are good for healthy living. It is a painting that can adorn a living or dining room and grocery store.

All to Farm is a morning village scene. All the farmers have gone to their various farms leaving their homes in a serene, but safe atmosphere.

The Fetch portrays the ordeal of an African child in search of potable water. In spite of abundance, there is little or none available for domestic use. Drinking water is difficult to come by, most especially in the rural parts of the continent. The painting brings an aura that attracts the need for rescue and uplift of rural dwellers, who walk long distance in search of water for survival.

Longing for Help is a painting of a beggar seeking help.

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