Our mission is to inspire people and create awareness on various issues affecting our society. We have a range of social issues we address and educate readers through our comics. One of these is rape. Rape is a common scene that permeates through our homes and streets. In the dimming light of night and veiled places of a day are innocent girls and ladies inhumanly treated with this ignoble act. We create comics to stop rape or reduce it to a minimal level.

We have also made comics to educate people on Domestic Violence. Women, children and surprisingly men are daily battered in their homes. Our readers can rest assured of gaining vital insights and knowledge on how to deal with domestic violence. Besides this, we have made our comics as a springboard to enlighten people on Child Abuse and Human Trafficking. We are committed to improving human dignity, self-worth, peaceful coexistence, and core values. This is our social advocacy.

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