Pain to Inspiration


When You Speak Up.

When you speak up, you’re instantly being the process of converting your pain, fear or shame into an unstoppable inspiration that will birth unimaginable confidence in the hearts of others suffering a similar fate. We will do all we can to bring an end to your pain by ensuring your voice is heard. Speak Up today by letting us know your story, kindly use the form below.

When You Donate.

We are determined to consistently produce comics to fight the menace of Child and Sexual Abuse, Rape, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking and other similar acts. Through your donations, we can achieve remarkable success in our effort to sensitize and increase people’s consciousness to these inhuman conducts.

We will ensure your precious donations are judiciously used and channeled to this noble stride. We believe your hard-earned income should make impact in the lives of others. Your support is a step towards greatness, which will ultimately save our world and add value to our co-existence.

Visually told stories give a clearer understanding of the damage the society is ebbing into. The world is getting crazier than ever, and we need to nurture citizens with courage and dignity. 

Tell Your Story Today

Let your story be an inspiration and a source of courage to others out  there, who are constantly being abused, to speak up. We’ll carefully select the best stories and create  comics out of them! 

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